What Do I Miss About EQ2?

Posted in EQ2 on April 12, 2011 by Caladwen

Keocia’s birthday of course! I do think about EQ2 now and then, but on Saturday I really missed being online as we usually have an in-game party for her. Hope you had a fabulous birthday Keo! I did send her a message on facebook, but it wasn’t the same. And I couldn’t fight with Rohawn about contributing plat towards her gifts :). We need more plat wars once I’m back I think.

And there are always in-game events that have specific house items you can only get during the events. Now it’s an entirely different story that all my in-game houses are cluttered and badly decorated! That’s another project to work on. There simply is not enough time to socialize, raid, decorate and do all the other things in life!

I’m thinking I’ll be back in Norrath in another week or two. I have missed all my friends more than the game itself but aren’t friends the ones who keep you coming back? I hope all of you are having fun whichever game you are playing at the moment and safe travels!


A Short Break From EQ2

Posted in EQ2, Random Musings on March 22, 2011 by Caladwen

I finally did it! Gave up gaming for a little while. There were so many random job-related things going on that I felt like I needed a break. Here’s to hoping that stressful times are coming to an end. I contemplated a job change, went through some interviews and did manage to get a couple of offers. But I finally decided to stay where I’m at, it’s all for the best I’m sure. Sometimes I think it’s best to have just one choice, that way there are no decisions involved. Now that that’s out of the way, I feel a whole lot better. I’ve been reading during my usual gaming time. I am currently reading the forgotten realms series. Who doesn’t love Drizzt Do’Urden! It has been pretty relaxing and I have been in no rush to get home and log on to raid. I’ll be back on EQ2 soon I’m sure, most likely in April. But I have enjoyed the downtime. I hadn’t taken a break in about 4 years except when I went on vacation. My wizard Naremiri did get her flying mount before my break, so looking forward to some flying adventures when I’m back.

As for other games, I might play some Lord of the rings just for fun, but we shall see. If I do, I’ll make sure to write about it. Hope everyone has been doing great and safe travels all!

New Expansion, Writs And Some Sleep

Posted in EQ2 on February 28, 2011 by Caladwen

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Aside from some EQ2, I went to an ice hockey game which was fun. And I finally started the quest for the flying mount after a lot of procrastination. One of my in-game friends, Afun had to nudge me towards it and he was super nice to help me with it too inspite of having done it on several toons and having helped others with it too. Thanks Afun!

Last Wednesday, I was lucky enough to see Rohawn online again finally. We decided to explore the new frostlands when we started talking about how it was double guild xp day. Of course, we abandoned our exploration and headed to Jarsath Wastes for a round of writs which is always enjoyable with good company. We were two out of the three people there :). Guess everyone else was busy with the new expansion!

Thoughts on the new expansion so far – er, it feels like Everfrost or Halas. I’m not super excited about anything so far. Maybe that will change once I have my flying mount. We shall wait and see. It takes a few days to get it after finishing the quest line. I need to carry out my baby griffawn’s every wish first! Well, not exactly – I have to complete a quest every 18 hours for 5 days. The first one can be done right after you finish the questline and get your baby griffawn. Good times!

And I have been raiding with this great raidforce for the past few months. They are a fun group of folks and I’ve gotten a lot of nice gear. Last week, I guess I was a little tired on Thursday night and I fell asleep at my computer. Geez… I haven’t done that before! Next thing I know, I suddenly wake up and have no clue what is going on. The “snooty” guy was nice enough to send me a tell and let me know where I was supposed to be. How embarassing! Er, people had noticed that I was missing and I admitted that I was tired and fell asleep. Maybe I need to drink more coffee!

Have a great week ahead and safe travels all! As for me, I am ready for the next weekend already. ūüôā

Happy EQ2 Expansion Day!

Posted in EQ2 on February 22, 2011 by Caladwen

It’s that exciting time again! Hope everyone has been doing great. I didn’t quite fall off the face of the planet, in fact I have been playing EQ2, just haven’t been updating my blog like I should have. Work has been distracting ;). After the thousands of pages of manuals and everything, I haven’t been keeping up! I’m going to make time during lunch to update my blog more regularly.
Needless to say, I didn’t get much done at work today. Was waiting to get home and get in-game (of course I am just installing, so might be a while). It seems like most people order online downloads so a lot of stores don’t carry the retail versions or they have limited copies. As for me, I picked up my copy from Gamestop earlier. Which version do you prefer and why?
I’m hoping to see some old people come back (doesn’t that always happen during expansion time), which should be fun. I’ll post my initial thoughts on the expansion this week. Happy gaming everyone and safe travels! If you are still reading my blog, thanks for sticking around :).

Moving Is NOT Fun!

Posted in Random Musings on October 19, 2010 by Caladwen

I haven’t been on EQ2 much the past couple of weeks, cos I am moving! It has been a crazy few weeks with lots and lots of work drama. Whew… I quit my job and am moving this weekend from IL to TX. Big move! Have friends in both states, so shouldn’t be too bad I suppose. Here’s to wishing my apartment would pack itself and move. I can’t believe how much junk I have accumulated over the past few years. Ah well… Hopefully once I move and get settled in I’ll have more EQ2 time and hope the nights of the dead events will still be on. Hope everyone is doing great and I’ll be back soon! Safe travels all!

Happy Belated Birthday Rohawn!

Posted in EQ2, Random Musings on September 9, 2010 by Caladwen

Last week was Rohawn’s birthday and he kept it quiet. But once we found out we ambushed him with some gifts and a custom-made book. They are a wonderful house item and always make a great customized gift! Late post, but happy birthday again Rohawn and may the universe bring you everything you¬†wish for and much much more! *Hugs*

Looking back on the weekend, I know¬†quite a lot of people¬†took advantage of the double xp¬†over the holiday. My wizard got almost 10 AA in one night. Woot! Other than that, I didn’t do as much as I would have liked to. Should have levelled that carpenter some, but oh well – there will be other times and hopefully soon! I did make quite a bit of plat from selling collection items over the weekend – probably due¬†to everyone turning in collections to level. Two level 90s are hard enough to manage, but I have lately been thinking of creating some new alts or dusting off some¬†long-forgotten ones.¬†Hard to decide! Must ponder!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far. Safe travels and have a great weekend all!

Hello Cloak and Bye-Bye Battlegrounds

Posted in EQ2 on August 25, 2010 by Caladwen

I have still been playing EQ2, just not been posting here as regularly as I would like to. I was never a big Battlegrounds fan, went to check it out with Keocia and Kastle for the first time not too long ago. Whether you enjoy it or not really depends on your playstyle I suppose. Now there was this tank cloak that everyone had been talking about, so I did check it out and decided I wanted it. Some raid tanks use it too, probably till they get a better one from raids. So after saving up and saving up those tokens, I finally bought it last night! Woot! It did take me a while, but I wasn’t on Battlegrounds every single day, I did it slowly over a period of time.¬†

This is the cloak I replaced. I think I’ll still hold on to it though. It’s a pretty nice cloak with the mitigation increase and physical resist.


It’s bye-bye to Battlegrounds for now, until I see some other piece of gear that really catches my fancy… I know it’s not for everyone, so I can honestly say that I am not a big fan. The only times I did enjoy it was when I went in with my game friends. I do know several people who really enjoy it. Rohawn and I have had some late Friday night Battlegrounds wins! Those were fun indeed! One thing that annoyed me was those close matches where the team points were off by 50 or less, I think they could have made the rewards for those 2 tokens instead of 1 just because both teams worked hard. Oh well – all of them reward 3 if your team wins and 1 if you lose. Did you love or hate Battlegrounds?¬†Have a wonderful rest-of-the-week and weekend!¬†Safe travels all!