A Short Break From EQ2

I finally did it! Gave up gaming for a little while. There were so many random job-related things going on that I felt like I needed a break. Here’s to hoping that stressful times are coming to an end. I contemplated a job change, went through some interviews and did manage to get a couple of offers. But I finally decided to stay where I’m at, it’s all for the best I’m sure. Sometimes I think it’s best to have just one choice, that way there are no decisions involved. Now that that’s out of the way, I feel a whole lot better. I’ve been reading during my usual gaming time. I am currently reading the forgotten realms series. Who doesn’t love Drizzt Do’Urden! It has been pretty relaxing and I have been in no rush to get home and log on to raid. I’ll be back on EQ2 soon I’m sure, most likely in April. But I have enjoyed the downtime. I hadn’t taken a break in about 4 years except when I went on vacation. My wizard Naremiri did get her flying mount before my break, so looking forward to some flying adventures when I’m back.

As for other games, I might play some Lord of the rings just for fun, but we shall see. If I do, I’ll make sure to write about it. Hope everyone has been doing great and safe travels all!


7 Responses to “A Short Break From EQ2”

  1. i felt quite strange when I first took a proper break from mmo gaming and although I’m still playing (lotro and da2 at the mo), its nice not rushing to be online at a certain time and also doing something else instead of logging in out of habit…

    hope your stressful times are nearly over, stay in touch 🙂

  2. Krushiev Says:

    A periodic break from MMOs is good for the mind. Heck knows how many “breaks” from EQ2 I took, but I can tell you that a 3-6 month hiatus every so often does a world of good.

    Reading, checking out other games (both single player and MMO), or just to get ones’ head on straight… It’s all good, and lets face it, sometimes we just need to recharge.

    Good for you 🙂

    Now, when you’re relaxed, come and try Rift 😛

    • Caladwen Says:

      Very true indeed and maybe I’ll try Rift 😉 How are you liking it so far?
      And always good to hear from you!

      • Krushiev Says:

        Well, from an Eq2 perspective, the crafting is pointless (very much like LOTRO… BLEH) and harvesting is really only good for supplementing one’s income. The gameplay is closer to WAR (without the glaring imbalances), and the graphics are the wonderful love-child of EQ2 and Warhammer.

        In other words, the human women actually look smoking hot :p

        The world changes on a daily basis, and there is alqways something to do. It feels like raiding (all the time) but without all the waiting around for the scrubs that show up late.

        It’s definitely worth a try. But if the magic for EQ2 is still there for folks, I wouldn’t try to lure them over. 😉

        But if it’s gone… Come on over, you’ll feel young again 😀

  3. Krushiev Says:


    Cal, if you want to try Rift from tomorrow (April 1st) until April 4th, I’ll send you along a buddy key for that period of time. Apparently I’m supposed to have one in my inbox when I get home. I’ll pass it your way.

    It’s an 8gb download so I dunno how long it’ll take you to DL the client.


    ps, no this ain’t an April fools thing.

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