Hello Cloak and Bye-Bye Battlegrounds

I have still been playing EQ2, just not been posting here as regularly as I would like to. I was never a big Battlegrounds fan, went to check it out with Keocia and Kastle for the first time not too long ago. Whether you enjoy it or not really depends on your playstyle I suppose. Now there was this tank cloak that everyone had been talking about, so I did check it out and decided I wanted it. Some raid tanks use it too, probably till they get a better one from raids. So after saving up and saving up those tokens, I finally bought it last night! Woot! It did take me a while, but I wasn’t on Battlegrounds every single day, I did it slowly over a period of time. 

This is the cloak I replaced. I think I’ll still hold on to it though. It’s a pretty nice cloak with the mitigation increase and physical resist.


It’s bye-bye to Battlegrounds for now, until I see some other piece of gear that really catches my fancy… I know it’s not for everyone, so I can honestly say that I am not a big fan. The only times I did enjoy it was when I went in with my game friends. I do know several people who really enjoy it. Rohawn and I have had some late Friday night Battlegrounds wins! Those were fun indeed! One thing that annoyed me was those close matches where the team points were off by 50 or less, I think they could have made the rewards for those 2 tokens instead of 1 just because both teams worked hard. Oh well – all of them reward 3 if your team wins and 1 if you lose. Did you love or hate Battlegrounds? Have a wonderful rest-of-the-week and weekend! Safe travels all!


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