Watch Out For The Plat Stealers!

Ever since I’ve been playing EQ2, I have heard several stories where accounts were compromised. We had a guildmate once whose account was stolen and someone sold the account with the same character names even. I’ve always thought it’s a horrifying experience, I know it’s just an online game with online money but still. So finally guess it’s happened to me… or my husband to be more accurate. I do log him on sometimes if he’s busy and run him around with my characters for extra help and did so on on Tuesday night. I had asked Rohawn to help clearing Crucible in Everfrost as my wizard needed an update there and ran Amonost around with me and Kastle joined us as well. We headed to Shard of Love after that and they thought I needed to make Amonost loot the circlet of love and make him wear it and so I did! I logged him on again on Wednesday night for some quest updates and didn’t notice anything amiss – I don’t usually check to see how much plat my characters are carrying. But I did notice that he was in Timorous Deep instead of Everfrost where I had left him, figured he logged on and moved himself there. He happened to log on shortly after as himself and asked me what I did with all his plat and why he was wearing a silly hat. Um… I didn’t touch his plat but of course we all voted on him wearing the hat. Turns out all his plat was taken, just like that. Even the plat Rohawn had mailed him to give to me was taken from his mailbox. How does plat just disappear like that? We checked further and his bags had been moved around between his bank and person and not sure what else is missing. It makes me mad, so mad… Violated online! We did petition this to see if SoE can track down what transpired and let them know that the two of us do log onto his account. We both changed our passwords as well. Hopefully they can get this fiasco sorted out. Please change your passwords regularly and check your plat to make sure it didn’t magically disappear. Very safe travels all!


5 Responses to “Watch Out For The Plat Stealers!”

  1. oh that’s awful 😦 i hope that SOE can sort it out for you

    • Krushiev (retired eq2 gamer) Says:

      OMG, I’m really sorry to hear that happened to you guys. It happened to me too a while back and I don’t share my account info with anyone (or buy plats either).

      Either you or hubby may have been to a spoof website or clicked a link you shouldn’t have. Try running all virus scanners / malware detectors, you might have been infected with a keylogger.

      Sucks hard, I know.

      • Caladwen Says:

        Hey Krush! Good to hear from you, finally got all the issues sorted out… whew
        Hope everything is good with you and keep in touch!

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