What Do I Miss About EQ2?

Keocia’s birthday of course! I do think about EQ2 now and then, but on Saturday I really missed being online as we usually have an in-game party for her. Hope you had a fabulous birthday Keo! I did send her a message on facebook, but it wasn’t the same. And I couldn’t fight with Rohawn about contributing plat towards her gifts :). We need more plat wars once I’m back I think.

And there are always in-game events that have specific house items you can only get during the events. Now it’s an entirely different story that all my in-game houses are cluttered and badly decorated! That’s another project to work on. There simply is not enough time to socialize, raid, decorate and do all the other things in life!

I’m thinking I’ll be back in Norrath in another week or two. I have missed all my friends more than the game itself but aren’t friends the ones who keep you coming back? I hope all of you are having fun whichever game you are playing at the moment and safe travels!


One Response to “What Do I Miss About EQ2?”

  1. I think I have seen your posts about EQ2 on http://www.gamervoices.com ? I think it was u?

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