New Expansion, Writs And Some Sleep

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Aside from some EQ2, I went to an ice hockey game which was fun. And I finally started the quest for the flying mount after a lot of procrastination. One of my in-game friends, Afun had to nudge me towards it and he was super nice to help me with it too inspite of having done it on several toons and having helped others with it too. Thanks Afun!

Last Wednesday, I was lucky enough to see Rohawn online again finally. We decided to explore the new frostlands when we started talking about how it was double guild xp day. Of course, we abandoned our exploration and headed to Jarsath Wastes for a round of writs which is always enjoyable with good company. We were two out of the three people there :). Guess everyone else was busy with the new expansion!

Thoughts on the new expansion so far – er, it feels like Everfrost or Halas. I’m not super excited about anything so far. Maybe that will change once I have my flying mount. We shall wait and see. It takes a few days to get it after finishing the quest line. I need to carry out my baby griffawn’s every wish first! Well, not exactly – I have to complete a quest every 18 hours for 5 days. The first one can be done right after you finish the questline and get your baby griffawn. Good times!

And I have been raiding with this great raidforce for the past few months. They are a fun group of folks and I’ve gotten a lot of nice gear. Last week, I guess I was a little tired on Thursday night and I fell asleep at my computer. Geez… I haven’t done that before! Next thing I know, I suddenly wake up and have no clue what is going on. The “snooty” guy was nice enough to send me a tell and let me know where I was supposed to be. How embarassing! Er, people had noticed that I was missing and I admitted that I was tired and fell asleep. Maybe I need to drink more coffee!

Have a great week ahead and safe travels all! As for me, I am ready for the next weekend already. 🙂


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