Of Plat Wars And More

There has been a lot going on in EQ2, just that I haven’t been updating my blog as much as I would like to. Let’s see, Rohawn almost lost a plat war, I was sooo close to winning too! I had bought a couple of things off his broker and so he insisted on sending me double the plat back and in one case wayyy more than double like he usually does. The exchange went on back and forth with each of us mailing each other plat and his mailbox is usually full so I had to check everyday till his mailbox had that one empty slot. We quickly reached over 100 plat exchanges. So I devised what I thought was a clever idea and filled all my mailboxes, even on my inactive account. This took a lot of work! Not sure what’s up with some mailboxes filling up on 2 pages and other mailboxes able to accomodate more than 8 pages of mails! Whew… And then I mailed him some plat and told him I had won! And I had for a while… till he mailed Amonost some plat and asked him to pass it on to me! Outsmarted! But he learnt that from Keocia, who would send Galya mail when his mailbox was full :). Well, here’s to hoping the plat war is done! Now I need to make a secret alt so I can buy things I need off his broker without starting up any more wars ;).

Other news – Rool is back! Woot! And so is Amonost for now. Amonost does like to alternate between his games, I need to make him log on more. *Hint hint* My wizard got in on a pickup raid this past weekend and realized she needs to work on resists in order to stop dying so much! We also one-grouped WoE and got close to clearing it. Thanks to all who came (especially Keocia, Rhamn, Rohawn), was a great run. We’ll probably go back sometime this week and finish up the zone. And I still need to get a screenshot of that new mount! So much to do!

Non-EQ2 stuff – I have been reading more lately. I always loved to read, but haven’t been reading a whole lot recently. Am I the only crazy person who reads 3 different books at the same time (Well, alternating between them I mean… depending on my mood)? Among them, I am enjoying the first book of The Tapestry series the most. Very imaginative for sure. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury seems pretty interesting as well. I haven’t gotten too far with this one, but it does remind me of the movie ‘Equilibrium’. And the last one is The Host by Stephenie Meyer (I know, I know… the Twilight author). I did read the Twilight series but I am not a Twilight fanatic, so don’t judge! Apparently any kind of forbidden love sells and it sells well huh.

That’s all the news I have for now. Have a great week and safe travels no matter what game or book you find yourself immersed in!


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