A Surprise Win!

Last Friday or so I was crafting in EQ2 when Galya logged on, said hello and congratulated me and I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. Apparently I had not been keeping up with EQ2 traders and I didn’t know that I had won a prowler mount! That was an awesome surprise indeed! Thanks EQ2 TradersMmoQuests and EQ2 Wire for running the contests for a prowler mount and congratulations to all the winners. All the colors are so pretty! I think I finally have the color picked out after a lot of thought, now I just have to decide what kind. Amonost and Rohawn say fierce. Hard for me to decide whether my paladin deserves it or my wizard. I’m slow with decision making! I will definitely post a screenshot soon.

Friday night was a fun group night with the usual gang. And chapter 5 is finally complete! Woot! Thanks Keocia, Rohawn, Kastle and Rhamn for making it a fun night! I have also dragged Keocia’s alt around to run the Order of Rime quests so that we can finally get the icemare. We are currently working on the Kunzar Jungle quests and have had some fun incidents where the illusion gets turned off due to camping/zoning. Have to remember to re-enable that illusion! Hope everyone is having fun in their virtual world of choice. Have a great end of the week and weekend and safe travels all!


5 Responses to “A Surprise Win!”

  1. Hey, Grats on a cool looking mount.

  2. congratulations!!

  3. Hey Caladwen,

    Congrats on the mount, i won mine thru TTH (Ten Ton Hammer) they look awsome.

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