Contest Extension And EQ2 News

I decided to extend the Mabinogi contest (from my previous post) till Friday 10 PM. And I have been working intently on my transmuting :). I will post the winner next Monday (May 24).

As for EQ2 news, quite a bit has been happening. Lots of tranmuting for sure. And I am excited to be able to use the research assistant on more than one character at the same time. My second account has been re-activated just for this month. All inactive accounts could be logged in last week when they had the 3 day Sentinel’s Fate trial for all. And I got a 5 dollar discount on my first month’s subscription on the inactive account. Hoping to finish up some old quests – Claymore, Rime timeline (Still haven’t gotten that icemare!) and more. I did have some fun running around Sanctum of Scaleborn mentored to 70 so that I could work on some Claymore quests and also get AA. It was easier for my wizard to run around with my warden healing. Didn’t have to root everything! Caladwen never had AA issues but that’s probably because I have quested a lot on her. My wizard on the other hand is level 85 but only has 160 AA or so. I’m thinking of using the chronomage to mentor down and go to some old zones. Should be fun! Kaladim is definitely on the list, haven’t been there since the revamp.

Have a good week and safe travels all!


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