A Contest In Time For The Weekend

Have you heard of Mabinogi Online? It’s a free to play MMORPG. You can find more details here. And I have a code to give away for some in-game items. But the bad news is that this is only open to EU readers. So if you are an EU reader and know anyone who might like a code please send them my way.

I only have one code so as I have been working on my wizard’s transmuting in EQ2, I thought I’d give it away to the person who guesses what her skill will be by next Thursday night 11 PM Central time. Right now, it’s at 50 so the number can be anywhere between 50 and 450. I might slack off and stay at 50 or put lots of work into it and max it. I’m not sure yet myself. You can comment here or email me at caladwen@gmail.com.

I do have quite a bit of EQ2 news but will have to save that for next week. Have a fabulous weekend and safe travels all!

PS: Thanks for the code Ashley!


One Response to “A Contest In Time For The Weekend”

  1. nice idea for a contest. Hope you have a great weekend too 🙂

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