Finally Some EQ2 Time

After a busy weekend, I finally was able to get in some EQ2 time on Monday. The Bristlebane quests were still active so I finished up the quests, picked up the recipes and harvested some of the special items so that I could craft items if I decided to later. No point in cluttering my already cluttered places more before knowing what I need for decorating. And I wanted to make sure I got the achievement for participating in the holiday event, which I did! Good thing they didn’t patch out the events – I thought they were supposed to be up only till April 11th but that worked out for me.

Slacker Caladwen also gained a couple of levels and is level 85 adventurer now. I am still working through the Sundered Frontier quests and am at Kerra Isle now. Also finished up the necromantic icebox questline and got a decent chest-plate out of it. The icebox quests were a little grindy and I was glad when I was done with them.

Ah, and all these changes with adorments!!! I’m just a creature of habit and sometimes adverse to change (I know… how lame am I!). Last week I couldn’t equip my mythical at all and after a couple of days petitioned it. They had to remove the adornment and return the weapon and adornment to me. The weapon adornment is now a neck adornment only. Hmmmph. See what I mean about changes!

Have an awesome day and week ahead! Safe travels all!


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