Sometimes It’s All About The Name

A few weeks ago, I saw this recruiting message which came through to all officers in my main guild. Usually we decide who is going to handle the recruiting and then let them deal with it. So I read the name and think nothing of it and then I read the name again… and again… Whoa… mofobiatch? Um… ok… do I even need to talk to this person? We do have a couple of young ones in our guild and the name didn’t sound too appropriate. After a drawn-out discussion with my out-of guild friends and in-guild officers, I made the decision not to invite him to the guild. He might have been the nicest person ever, but guess I’ll never find out. Can’t help but wonder about these decisions sometimes… I know some people make up names for fun or shock value, but this one just seemed a little too extreme (just my thought on it). 

If anyone has any fun name stories, please do share. Have a great day all!


One Response to “Sometimes It’s All About The Name”

  1. Lately, I’ve let my three year old suggest character names. My “main”, Padgi, is completely her idea. So is the Gnome Rogue, Kistagurli. She must have been thinking of the Little Mermaid on that one… but I have no idea why she picked it for a dual wielding male Gnome.

    It’s a lot of fun, seeing what she comes up with. So far, they have been totally original, and I can’t help but smile at that. Even Padgi is a totally unique name. When I can find a name like that with simplicity, brevity and uniqueness, I am happy.

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