Wishing For Superpowers!

Finally I managed to level my provisioner to 90! There just doesn’t seem enough time in a day to go to work, work out, make dinner, clean up, run errands and play EQ2. At least during the week! Would be nice to have some superpowers or maybe a magic wand :). I’m probably making it sound worse than it really is, just haven’t been able to get in a lot of EQ2 time lately. One of my goals for last weekend was to get my provisioner up to 90 so that I would have the 10% bonus crafting xp for all my other crafters. Glad I was able to get it done last night. I didn’t want to run short on supplies, so did spend a lot of time gathering raws and fishing of course. I do seem to have plenty left over for a little while at least. And the signature quest reward gives a small boost to tradeskill xp when equipped. Woot!

As for other exciting news, I have been talking to Keocia about ideas for decorating my guild hall. As always, she has been super kind to give me ideas and even supply me with items. Thanks a lot Keo! I have been thinking of levelling my carpenter, she is only level 28 or so. But seems like it would be nice to actually make my own house items instead of running to the broker all the time or bugging my friends! I think I’ll probably level my alchemist to 90 first though before working on anyone else’s crafting. And moonlight enchantments will be up this weekend! I do plan on picking up some house items this time. Never did for fear of cluttering up my already cluttered place. I’ll probably post screenshots eventually if my decorating venture turns out to be presentable.

Have a great weekend and safe travels all!


3 Responses to “Wishing For Superpowers!”

  1. grats on 90 🙂 I ended up levelling a carpenter too as I love decorating… and she ended up being the first I levelled this time round :O The new tier furniture is just gorgeous!

    Have a fun weekend 🙂

  2. GRATZ on hitting 90, and i know what ysa mean by not having enough time to do anything, man if only i could get paid to play EQ2 allday….hmmmmmmm!

  3. Caladwen Says:

    Thanks guys! 🙂
    And Chubby, that would be awesome hehe

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