Kruzz’s Cooking Skillet And Illisia’s Alchemy Flask

The new crafter signature quest is awesome! So far, my provisioner and alchemist have completed it and love the tradeskill xp gain/evac that come with the items. I’m sure all the crafters are excited about this. Nice particle effects too! My crafting mission for the weekend is to get one of my crafters to 90 for the bonus xp. I have been totally slacking off on that!

HQ news – Rohawn and Galya were kind enough to let my wizard tag along for the new HQ ‘Justice for JoJo’. This turned out to be relatively easy compared to other HQs I have worked on. It involved a bit of running around and that was mostly it. Oh and need access to the panda village which my wizard didn’t have then… I kept meaning to work on it, but in between all the other weekend plans that didn’t work out very well for me. Turned out that if someone is near the quest NPC, I could call to them and didn’t get kicked out since there were no guards in the vicinity. Woot! Se we were all able to finish up the HQ successfully!

Back to Karnor’s Castle – Krushiev had some quests to finish up there, so I took my paladin along to tank for him. It was good to group up with him. Haven’t really grouped with him in a long long time!

Also, I stumbled upon this site that lists the EQ2 achievements. Very handy and I came across a lot of achievements that I would like to work towards too. Didn’t even know those achievements existed. They have done a fabulous job putting it together.

TGIF! Have an awesome weekend and safe travels all!


4 Responses to “Kruzz’s Cooking Skillet And Illisia’s Alchemy Flask”

  1. Krushiev Says:

    Yeah, we gotta group more often, too bad you’ll hit the level cap before me (working on my puny amount of AA’s here :p). Any base requirements for this new signature crafting quest? Evac sounds pretty nice 😀

    Ooooh, nice achievement list, gotta get me some of that :p

    • I’m nowhere close to 90 😛
      Taking my time to level and I always switch between alts, noone is higher than 82 adventurer right now!
      In order to start the signature crafting quest, you need to complete the crafting quests in Quel’ule (You will need to start the crafting questline at the Spire Island in Sundered Frontier) and then wait for 2 weeks to get the quest starter in the mail. If you have issues with it, let me know!

  2. Chubby hit 90 the other night in Alchemy, i havent goten around to posting that, but i havent had a chance to check this HQ out yet, our guild is having a writ contest and i have been doing Tradeskill Rush Writs – i did 41 last night alone and i am up to a total of 125 in the last 4 nights, goal is 200 and hoping to hit that tonight so i can get on with the rest of the expansion, the brewday festivities and work on my SK’s tradeskill.

    Have a great weekend to you to Caladwen


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