Crafting Fun

This past week has mainly been all about crafting and harvesting. I also solo’d some of the tradeskill instances on my provisioner and Mystical Nayad Plushie is finally mine! After all this time slacking on my wizard’s harvesting, I decided it was time to max those skills or at least get them up enough to harvest tier 9. Lucky that she has good Far Seas Supply division faction, she was able to pick up a unicorn from Village of Shin. The unicorn grants 60% speed (Woot!) and + 48 to all harvesting skills. It does require 40K Far Seas Supply Division faction to pick up. It’s a good idea to work on ‘A Gathering Obsession’ questline while trying to level harvesting (at least I think so). The final quest in the series awards a nice amount of status points in addition to the lovely cloak. The cloak and crafter earring are +25 to harvesting each. So unicorn + cloak + earring = win! I’m sure there are other items out there that add to harvesting as well. But this is a good start for sure. Right now, I have a level 86 alchemist, 87 provisioner and 80 sage. Maybe I need to level a carpenter next to decorate my guild hall… Hoping to get one of them to 90 soon for the bonus xp!

Have an awesome weekend and safe travels all!


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