A New Set Of Armor And A Cloud Mount!

There are a lot of new things to explore in EQ2, but as soon as I heard about a new armor set from Kingdom of Sky I had to go get it! It’s always fun to go back to old zones. I think everyone has been busy exploring the new zones, so these zones were quite empty other than the occasional level 60 player who was probably trying to level/quest. A gnome called Bilgeron Cogsworth starts this questline. He is found at the Temple Grounds in Tenebrous Tangle. The questline also sends you to the Barren sky and Bonemire and of course ends back in Tenebrous Tangle. My wizard got good AA from this! I used the chronomage to mentor down to 70 for the Treasury of Claw instances so that I would get credit for the named and it worked out well. The chronomage feature is awesome – lets you go back to any zone after outlevelling it, not much fun in killing grey mobs – especially ones that could grant AA. The set armor pieces are quest rewards and the final quest reward is a spiffy cloud mount! Here is a screenshot of my wizard in her new armor flitting around on a cloud. The cloth armor looks like jammies! Hopefully my paladin’s armor looks more fashionable, she is only halfway through the questline so far.

Have an awesome weekend and safe travels all!


2 Responses to “A New Set Of Armor And A Cloud Mount!”

  1. OK that cloud mount is pretty awesome. Shame I’d have to go on a vomit-trip up to KOS (where I’ve never quested and never shall, except for crafting masteries :P) to get em!

    Congrats though. Get another one and think of me, m’kay? 😀

  2. Caladwen Says:

    lol thanks Ysharros. I would give you mine if I could! 🙂

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