A Very Busy Weekend With Sentinel’s Fate!

In between the expansion and all my other pre-expansion goals, it has been a very busy weekend! I’ve definitely been working on crafting more than adventuring so far. I get distracted easily, so it’s hard to focus on one thing at a time :). The big news is that my alt guild is finally level 30 so I was able to purchase a guild hall in North Qeynos! Woot! Thanks a lot to Rohawn for taking me on those writ runs through Jarsath Wastes.

The alchemist and provisioner gained a few crafting levels. The provisioner needs one more tradeskill instance to get the plushie which will let me return to the village of Shin. That will make a nice addition to the guild hall. The crafting instances have been changed to drop the new recipe books and tier 9 rares. Other than that, no other changes that I could see.

I did enjoy the new crafting questline. You will need to travel if you don’t take fuel and portable crafting stations with you. If you want to go well-prepared, do check out the EQ2 traders writeup. Mum is kind enough to provide info on what raws, fuel and crafting stations you need to complete the quests. It helps to take everything if you don’t want to shuttle back and forth.

Sunday night, Keocia and Kitara were going to the conservatory and invited my wizard and Kastle to go along. Such a pretty zone!!! And was a good time as always. I’m glad Keocia’s computer is back! I didn’t take too many good screenshots, so I decided to post one of Keocia’s.

So far, I am enjoying the expansion. As Suzita said, it has a “light” feel to it, but it’s still fun and pretty. A lot of people did get to 90 within a few hours, mostly the raiding guilds. Everyone has their own playstyle and goals. Just my thought – what counts is having a good time, no matter what you are doing.

Also, thanks to Galya for the lovely new house items! Just need to find appropriate spots for them in the guild hall. Have a great day and safe travels all!


2 Responses to “A Very Busy Weekend With Sentinel’s Fate!”

  1. ooh that’s so pretty! I’ve yet to go to any of the new instances – am really looking forward to them now 🙂

    grats on your alt guild ding too!

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