Are You Ready For Sentinel’s Fate?

With the new expansion just around the corner, there have been a lot of groups in level chat trying to finish up their epic quests and raids as well to get the mythical version. And of course, I’ve heard from a lot of folks who are waiting for the release date to turn in collections/quests. I guess that would be a good idea if you are already at max level/AA.

On EQ2 traders, I found this box of pure awesomeness to be released with the expansion – a new tinkered box that serves as your own personal harvest box! Every packrat’s dream come true!

Now for some exciting news! Would you like to win yourself a Sentinel’s Fate key? There are 3 4 sites that I know of out there giving away keys. So, please visit them and enter for a chance to win! I’m posting the direct links below.

EQ2 traders


EQ2 Zam

The EQ2 Wire

If you happen to know of any other such contests/giveaways for Sentinel’s Fate, please do post in the comments! Good luck and safe travels all!

Edit – Another contest added to the list!


2 Responses to “Are You Ready For Sentinel’s Fate?”

  1. Isn’t that harvest box just amazing? I’m so looking forward to it! *squee*

  2. *hugs* You are awesome my dear friend!

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