Star Trek Online Ship Names

The boyfriend husband (yeah, he was friend and then boyfriend for 5 years! Alarmed me when someone introduced me as his wife the other day… whoa… what! haha) pre-ordered Star Trek Online and has pretty much been stuck to it, LOTRO forgotten for now! All I have done on STO is create a character and of course, Cryptic does an excellent job with character customization (I loved this aspect of Champions Online). I don’t see myself leaving EQ2 for STO at all. But I do watch him play sometimes. And here is his list of amusing ship names/captain names as seen in the game. All credit goes to Amonost for compiling this list!

USS Tribble Express
Captain Leonard Nimoy – USS Point Ears
Captain Pedo Phile – USS I Have Candy
USS Klamydia
Captain Cleveland – USS Steamer
Captain Joseph Stalin – USS R
Captain Sulu – USS Sumyongboy
Captain Gilligan – USS Minnow
Captain Miley Cyrus – USS Hannah Montana
USS Eless
Captain Ivanna – USS Humpalot
Captain Zapp Brannigan – USS Nimbus
USS Enterpoop
USS Hello Kitty
Captain Dirk Thickneck – USS Babypuncher
USS Evil Sandwich
Captain Ash Williams – USS Boomstick
Captain Stewies – USS Full Diaper
Captain John Q Redshirt – USS Expendable
USS Rainbow
Captain Bigg – USS Johnson
USS Intercourse
USS Nuclear Wessel
USS Donkey Punch
USS Pew Pew Pew
USS MC Hammer
Captain Ship – USS Ship
Captain Fo Shizzle – USS My Nizzle
Captain Turanga Leela – USS Planet Express
USS Beerkeg
USS 1337Ship
Captain Chinese – USS Gold Farmer
Captain Freddy Mercury – USS Fabulous
Captain El Chupacabra – USS Negroe Catcher
USS Bittany Spears
USS Wrongway
USS Rustbucket
Captain Luke Skywalker – USS Death Star
USS TurnDammit (Some cruisers can’t turn very fast)
USS Imonaboat
USS Bridge Bunny

Anyone else come across any funny names? If so, do share! Safe travels all! 🙂


3 Responses to “Star Trek Online Ship Names”

  1. USS Givin’ Er All She’s Got!

  2. My ship is the USS Probable Cause and my capitan is Kyle Cleatis Clements

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