Thanks Rohawn And Kastle!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a good week so far. A million thanks to Rohawn and Kastle for helping my wizard finish up her epic quest over the weekend! Rohawn was there every step of the way, even when I was running around for some parts. Kastle’s woodworker helped with me the final step to get it crafted. Thanks guys! *Hugs*

I’m glad to say that we were able to duo Xalgoz in Karnor’s Castle! For some reason I like this zone, the layout is pretty cool. The mobs do hit quite hard, but with Rohawn tanking there was nothing to fear! It does seem like quite a few people frequent this zone. Not sure if they were getting updates or just farming the zone. I try not to rant, but I have to say that I was pretty mad when this group rushed in when we were at Xalgoz and pretty much just stole the mob. Only one of them sent me a tell later to apologize and asked me if I needed help. One of them was downright rude. Most of them seemed to be from well-known raiding guilds. I know it’s a contested mob, but still… We were standing right there, not like we disappeared after clearing some adds. At least some people have the decency to apologize. I’ll stop my rant now! We did destroy him after he re-spawned though!

Apart from epic updates, Rohawn and I made a trip to Castle Mistmoore to see if the sage would drop the paladin set legs. But of course, he decided to give us everything else except the paladin set piece. That’s the only one Rohawn is missing and I’d love to see him complete it. We’ll just have to go back soon!

That’s quite a bit of adventuring, but crafting has certainly not been forgotten. As soon as my woodworker hit level 50, I took her off to finish the Ship Out quest from Moors in order to be able to do the tradeskill instances. When Kastle wanted to group up for an instance, I was happy to join him and we dragged Rohawn along as well. My woodworker gained two levels from that one tradeskill instance! Woot! She is level 53 now. The combines seem harder in the 50’s though, as they are level 70 recipes. Other crafting news – my wizard is a tinkerer and after what seemed like forever, I managed to get from skill 70 to 100. At 100, I can make Loosely Wired Heart Stopper and I was excited to try it out! Waiting to be able to use Call of the tinkerer. Someday soon hopefully!

Don’t forget to visit Gorowyn for the city festival, which started on February 1st and runs through February 7th. Also, Erollisi Day is back! It’s starting tomorrow (February 4th) and it’s expected to run through February 16th. EQ2 Traders and EQ2 Decorators have wonderful writeups and images on both events. Safe travels all!


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