A Trip Into Karnor’s Castle

Hope everyone has had a good week and as always I’m glad the weekend is here! I’m happy to say that I managed to get my fourth Chardok update and it didn’t take us too long. Camping in a safe spot actually saved a lot of time, instead of clearing all the way to the required mobs. And my wizard was finally glad to leave Chardok and get some fresh air after living there for 3 days! A big thanks to Rohawn for helping me with Chardok and he’s still helping me with the rest of my updates. It has certainly been an enjoyable game week for me!

Last night, we headed into Karnor’s Castle to kill Xalgoz. Not having ventured there much at all, I didn’t quite know where we were going. But we made it to Xalgoz’s study somehow! Sadly, we didn’t kill him because I didn’t remember the levers that heal him. I only killed him once on my paladin and I vaguely remembered something about levers… Unfortunately, after a wipe, the respawn point is the entryway. And it was quite late, so we decided to go back another time. Hopefully tonight! It was still a good run and that was the only wipe. Hope Xalgoz is duo-able since there are 3 levers. I guess I’ll find out soon enough. We did get a warden master off some trash mobs, the nameds dropped legendary items which Rohawn never rolled on… well, he never takes any of the loot. I thought I was smart when I set round-robin loot options but he is smarter and invites me to the group these days and then he just sets lotto. It’s war! If anyone has any ideas, please let me know :).

Have an awesome weekend and safe travels all!


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