Level 80 At Last And Some Epic Updates

Last weekend, my wizard hit level 80. Finally, I have a second level 80 adventurer! Oh, and a third, as my warden is 80 as of last night :). The xp changes helped, but I think I would have quested away anyway till I got there. On Saturday, my wizard got into a DD group that Kitara happened to be tanking and totally stole his charm… It was Befallen: Cavern of the afflicted and charm of the lost happened to drop. Luckily, I was able to petition it and they gave it back to him… whew! I would have felt super bad otherwise. It’s an awesome tank item. I’ll have to take my paladin there more often to try and get one.

After 80, I wanted to get the epic quest starter for my wizard. Figured I’d take my wizard and warden first and attempt it before trying to find a group. I got destroyed by the first yha-lei I tried to pull. Things go bad when a wizard’s root gets resisted heh. For some reason, I thought maybe the abyss lurkers would be easier. And by some miracle I got the quest starter from a small chest off the first abyss lurker I killed. Good thing the lurker didn’t resist my root! It did seem like some AE went off, but my warden managed to keep us healed. I had to go talk to someone in New Tunaria and then he sent me off to Chardok… Chardok! Noone ever wants to go there… I was always glad my paladin didn’t need updates in Chardok, she pretty much lived in Sebilis for epic updates. I did see some folks heading there and asked if I could tag along. Well, I thought the updates were frequent but apparently they are not! After killing a ton of Gorowyn mobs, no updates. And the group I was with got their updates and had to leave. I decided to camp by the queen and try and kill Gorowyn mobs later with my warden maybe (if they could handle it). One of Rohawn’s favorite items happens to be Orb of summoning. So, I asked if he could help get my warden to the right spot. I didn’t think of giving her Orbs of reconcilliation. Late realization! But of course, he’s such a sweetheart always, he came to help me get my updates. I still feel bad for dragging him along, they are not frequent updates :(. After 2 days, I have 3/4 updates and I got all 3 yesterday. Woot! And I’m glad I camped there, for I don’t have any gate keys and the palace is quite far in. One more update to go! It’s always nice to have friends around for company, updates or not. And I really appreciate the help. Glad to be blessed with awesome friends!

On the crafting side, my woodworker gained a few levels and she is almost 50 now. There are different handy totems made by woodworkers. I like the invisibility totems and power totems the best. The speed totems are nice too if you don’t have the epic crafter earring – earring of the solstice. The group missions are a good way to level after level 50, especially now that they award guild status.

Hope everyone is having a great week and safe travels all!


One Response to “Level 80 At Last And Some Epic Updates”

  1. grats on the epic updates 🙂 its almost a shame that no one really goes to these zones anymore unless its for updates… although I have spent an awful amount of time in those zones!

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