Late Rewards?

Last weekend was bonus xp weekend in EQ2 and my wizard and warden were on a quest to get as close to level 80 as possible. Just trying to get to 80 and some decent gear before the expansion. The bonus xp ended with them both at level 77 (Yayy! New armor!). Come Wednesday morning after the patch I logged on and decided to finish up a quest in Jarsath Wastes and to my surprise they both ding’d level 78 after just one kill. Um… ok, what just happened? So am I going to be 80 in 2 more kills?!? heh. Well, I thought they would roll back the servers or something and I’d find myself back at level 77, but that hasn’t happened so far. I finished up a few more quests that morning and the wizard got to level 79 pretty quickly. Did they reward me late for all my weekend work? 😉 I heard quite a few people mention it in level 70 chat as well, some people gained even 2 levels with one kill. I do notice a huge difference with the xp gain while turning in quests now, even past level 75. Levels 70 – 80 should be a breeze now compared to before. I do know the experience change details due to this forum post, but a level with one kill was quite an adjustment (Of course that happened only once)! I’m hoping to start working on the wizard epic sometime this weekend.

Have an awesome weekend and safe travels all!


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