And The Drink Of The Day Is…

Iced Pomegranate Ambrosia! I did not know that this existed in EQ2 until Rohawn was kind enough to hand me some. Now my level 80 provisioner is very lazy and does not make food unless she is forced to so I tend to run out of food/drink every so often. Reminder to self – need to make food and drink this weekend! This drink typically lasts 5 hours and 34 minutes (a little longer if you have the racial trait to extend drink duration) and at level 80 it adds 26 to stamina, intelligence and strength. The provisioner is a low-level adventurer, but managed to get all the Kunark faction recipes since they are heirloom. After a lot of searching, the recipe simply refused to be found. Even the broker didn’t have any stock of this wonderful drink… Though someone was selling a book called Provisioners’ Secrets: Pomegranate Passion Recipes for 10 plat. So it’s a secret recipe… Next stop was Isle of Mara to see if it was a Far Seas faction recipe and sure enough it was. The best news is that it’s tradeable, especially since all my crafters do not have the required faction and certainly not the provisioner. It requires 30 K faction with the Far Seas Supply Division to purchase and costs 1 Far seas trading token and about 20 gold. The fresh pomegranates required to make the drink are gathered from Shard of love.

Also, for all the Star Trek Online fans, they are offering a lifetime subscription for a limited time only. It is only valid if you pre-ordered and all the details can be found here. I am quite apprehensive about this after the Champions Online fiasco… we’ll see I guess.

Have an awesome weekend and safe travels all!


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