Lots Of Instances And Lots Of Fun!

Last weekend in EQ2 turned out to be pretty eventful! I’m glad to say that Rohawn and I finally completed “The Book of Thex” so you won’t be hearing me talk about that quest again for a while :). We saw a coercer looking for more people to kill Kizdean Gix and so, gathered our weapons and off we went! We managed to get a full group and he went down on our first try. Power feeds are awesome! Now to find another quest to work on. After some debating, Dark Mail Gauntlets was the winner. But the quest starter is in a dangerous spot with a lot of mean froggies. Rohawn thought we could get there, so our little trio headed to Guk: Halls of the Fallen. I’m glad Galya was able to join us, she did a wonderful job healing! We were nowhere close to clearing the entire zone but we all got the quest starter! Woot! Just need to find common free time to work on the quest together. I have never been to any of the Guk zones and it was pretty tough, might have been easier with a full group I suppose…

Also, congrats to Rohawn for getting his Kyle Bayle armor piece from Unrest! We have been there quite a few times with no luck, but it finally made an appearance. I know it’s armor from a few expansions ago, but we still like to collect old sets :). My under-geared wizard died in there a few times, which I expected. She can’t take any hits! My tailor is ready to make the level 77 faction armor, just one level to go and better armor – here I come! Somehow, the wizard managed to get him killed while he was AFK, which was comical. Of course, it was unintentional! /cough cough

Monday was PUG day, it’s always great to meet nice people. These folks were all fun and we also managed to clear a couple of zones, which is a plus. The healer, Raspberry (I think) did an excellent job keeping us all alive! I was up all day and was tired at work all night heh. I have been having trouble lately switching schedules back and forth. Since I work nights, I am up week nights and then try to switch back to staying up during the day on weekends. Ahhhh… maybe it’s time to go back to day shift! Or maybe not, I think I’d rather stay away from all the politics. Tough call. Enough of my ramblings, have a great day and safe travels all!


One Response to “Lots Of Instances And Lots Of Fun!”

  1. Ewww instances! Yay finishing quests! 😀

    Grats 😉

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