Festivities Are Always Fun

The weekend was good game time! Work has been busy this week with long hours, so I’m glad the weekend is right around the corner. If you haven’t checked out the world events, they are worth checking out. Especially, if you like titles and house items. The Qeynos series starts with Royal Librarian Brinn in Qeynos Harbor. Completing the series gives you the title “Champion of Bayle” and a Qeynos Claymore replica. The Freeport series starts with Sir Tallen Yevix in West Freeport. Completing this series gives you the title “Champion of D’Lere” and a Soulfire replica. The Freeport quest series seemed shorter/quicker to me. And I discovered that you can do both quest series regardless of whether you are good-aligned or evil-aligned. Most people probably already know this, but it was certainly a discovery to me! I’m not sure how long these events will be around, so hurry!

Rohawn and I have been working on “The Book of Thex” for a while now and we were on the part to kill the proto-ravager in Obelisk of Azhkul. We decided to duo it over the weekend. It took a while since it was just the two of us, but I had a great time and we also got the quest update. Just Kizdean Gix left to complete the quest. We’ll have to bribe Keocia into coming to help us, he proved a little too tough for us.

My wizard worked on some Frostfell quests and got a good amount of AA and experience. Every year during Frostfell, I park all my alts right next to the gift-giver. And of course, I log them all on everyday to get the daily gifts :). I must say that I miss the snow globes. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find any of the gifts “that” exciting this year and if I remember right, it was the same last year as well. I wasn’t playing when the gifts were musical boxes, but Keocia was kind enough to give me a music box a while back and I was sooo excited about it! Frostfell needs to bring back some more fun gifts!

Have an awesome weekend (well, it’s almost here) and safe travels all!


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