Happy New Year!

I’m back! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and got a lot of wonderful gifts. Can’t believe it’s the end of the year already. Have an awesome new year and may all your dreams come true. And be safe if you are out partying! My break was good but super-hectic. Getting married is a lot of work ;).

It’s good to be back on EQ2. Frostfell is my favorite event and I finally checked out some of the Frostfell quests and made sure all my alts picked up the daily gift. I’m such a pack rat! Also, I’m excited about the following parts of the update. The fertilizer components and status items stack to 200 now. Woot! That cleared up a bit of bank room (for now). And the bag sizes are bigger. Also, looking forward to checking out the crafting missions soon, it’s awesome that they award guild status points now. As for the guards who knock you down in Freeport, my little inquisitor did not like that at all… 

Thanks to everyone who has linked to my blog and all of you out there who read my ramblings! Have an awesome weekend and happy new year again! Safe travels all!


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