Live Events And A Short Break!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of good food! If you haven’t checked out the EQ2 5th anniversary events, it’s worthwhile to do so. You can get a lovely painting of Venekor (he looks a little menacing!) and a Qeynos claymore replica by completing some quests. And you get a tapestry by completing a collection quest. I found purple shinies all over N Qeynos and S Qeynos, not sure if they spawn in any other locations. There are also a couple of other quests for fireworks and food (They are repeatable with a 1 hour cool-down). For good-aligned, all quests start in N Qeynos.

Also, Champions Online is going to be free this weekend. Too bad I’m going to be busy. So if you missed it last time, this is your chance.

I am going to be taking a short break from EQ2 and expect to be back right after Christmas. I might log on now and then if possible, but won’t have too much time so I most likely won’t make any posts till I’m back. Going to be busy with RL for a bit :). I’m going to miss all my EQ2 friends and reading all your blogs, but I’ll be back soon! Have a wonderful weekend and safe travels all!


One Response to “Live Events And A Short Break!”

  1. Have a good break & I look forward to reading about your adventures when you return 🙂

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