Lots Of Crafting!

I haven’t been upto anything too exciting in Norrath other than some crafting! Leveling a woodworker and working on some Far Seas faction. Too bad the Far Seas faction recipe books are no-trade, now I have to work on faction for all my crafters. The only crafter who is even close to 40 K faction is my sage and this is because I leveled her crafting to 80 by going to the tradeskill instances regularly. This leaves several others to work on. Maybe I can buy the sage a unicorn soon. 🙂

In my quest to get my woodworker to 50, I worked on the Sootfoot quest series in Lavastorm. But her harvesting skills aren’t high enough to continue, so have to work on increasing those harvesting skills and then come back to it. It was good AA as well, she happens to be a level 45 coercer/46 woodworker. Of course, another one of my alts. Level 45 adventurer is a good level for Lavastorm and guess who made an appearance – the Fire Toad of course, who was kind enough to drop an exquisite chest!

Rohawn and I started on the daily tradeskill mission and we plan to finish up Friday evening. Kastle couldn’t join us due to computer issues. What’s up with everyone having computer issues lately? Keocia’s computer is broken as well. Hope both of them get their computers fixed soon!

I am also glad I got the Cisco re-cert out of the way by passing one test. Woot! No more studying for a couple of months at least. It would not have been fun to take 4 tests all over to get that certification again.

Have an awesome weekend and safe travels all!


4 Responses to “Lots Of Crafting!”

  1. I know how ya feel, i did 7 levels the other night on Cinderbella just in tradeskill of Sage, and have been trying to get her harvesting up as well. It seems like eveytime i get into a new zone i have to back track and get her harvesting up so i can move on to the next zone..lol

    Keep up the hard work it pays off in the long run!!


  2. The faction with the Far Seas was a pain in the butt, But for me,It was faster after I had ran my main Crafted on up to 80. Then went back and started back with the faction.

    I loved guild points you can make doing lvl 80 crafting rush orders. Also the rush orders, will level you fast. and you don’t lose any money doing it. Mater a fact at lvl 60 you can make 1 plat every 10th rush order. Are at lest you could when I was playing.

  3. sorry, that would be “Matter a fact” and “at lvl 80 you can make”

  4. @ Chubby – Yeah, the harvesting always slows down my crafting too!

    @ Alik – The writs are awesome for status/guild status, but in the far seas faction instances you don’t need any raws or fuel since everything in gathered in the instance. I have leveled crafters both ways, each has it’s advantages for sure!

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