A Few Hours Of Champions Online

It has been a while since I posted. Been trying to study for a Cisco re-cert and haven’t logged onto EQ2 all week, not even to check the broker! Not that I spent all that time studying… but I’ve been trying. Hopefully I can get over with this test soon and get back to gaming.

I did get a chance to check out Champions Online when they did the free Halloween weekend. The character customization is simply awesome! Gameplay was alright, but I tend to get bored easily. Glad to say that I’m not bored with EQ2 after a couple of years! There’s just so much more to do in EQ2 other than just questing and destroying evil. Back to Champions Online, there are lots and lots of options on how you can customize your character. How would you want to hide your secret identity? Glasses, masks or goth makeup? I honestly can’t say too much about the gameplay, as I spent more time creating my superhero than playing the game :). From what I did see, it was talking to various NPCs and finishing up quests (the usual). These are just my opinions from spending a few hours on Champions Online. Maybe if I had played longer, I’d have a different view on it…

I’ll have to find some time to sneak into Norrath this weekend. Have a great weekend and safe travels all!


2 Responses to “A Few Hours Of Champions Online”

  1. GL w/ your ReCert 🙂

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