Shard Of Love And Other Instance Goodness!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Friday night turned out to be a blast. Thank you Rohawn, Keocia and Kastle! It was my first visit to Shard of love and I got great AA from the zone. I am still not at max AA and I’m not in a hurry. I keep thinking that it’ll make me feel like I’ve reached the point of no progression till the expansion at least. I’m weird that way! We didn’t get any wings or the lovely little globes I’ve seen pictures of during this run. It seems like there are lesser people on the server looking for a group for this zone compared to when it had just come out. Maybe everyone got what they needed from it… Definitely a fun zone to check out if you have never been there. After Shard of love, we headed to Runnyeye 2. Since we got a late start, we didn’t finish up Runnyeye 2 but there is always a next time! The layout is just like the lower level Runnyeye of course. I used to farm Runnyeye all the time for transmuting loot, but this was my first time in the higher level zone. Nostalgic times!

Rohawn and I made good progress on the HQ ‘The Book Of Thex’. We just need 2 more zones to complete it! Also, congrats to Rohawn for getting a bonus void shard over the weekend. As for me, Marr decided that I had been a bad elf and denied me all bonus shards. Sad indeed… From what I heard, some folks farmed for hours and found maybe a few shards – Jarsath Wastes, Darklight Woods and Lavastorm it seems. I’m sure there were other zones too, just haven’t heard anyone I know talk about finding any elsewhere.

It was also a good weekend for PUGs. So I did manage to get a few shards over the weekend. What makes a good group? A good tank, a good healer or good DPS? Or just any group that manages to clear a zone? On playing a tank, I’d say that the tank is only as good as the group is. I’ve had easy runs and not-so-easy runs. But isn’t it always the tank’s fault when things go wrong? 😉

Rao says that he is not going to be making any more gaming posts on his blog. That makes me sad, since I’ve followed his EQ2 adventures for a very long time and I’ve always enjoyed reading his posts. He’ll certainly be missed and good luck to him, wherever his travels take him!

Have a good rest-of-the-week and safe travels all!


3 Responses to “Shard Of Love And Other Instance Goodness!”

  1. Thanks for the kind words. Who knows what will happen in the future? Once the weather starts turning cold, I’ll probably want to spend less time outside which will probably translate to more time online. More time online will probably mean a return to posting. I like babbling too much to stay silent for long. 🙂

  2. hi caladwen 🙂

    I too was very unlucky in getting any bonus shards (well none in fact!) even though I spent a lot of time out and about killing things, a couple of guildies got a couple but that was it 😦 Bit of a non event really, its a real shame the drop rate was *so* low…

  3. “But isn’t it always the tank’s fault when things go wrong?” No, sometimes it’s the Healers fault!

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