Spooky Haunted Mansions!

Last night I finally checked out the haunted houses in EQ2. The one in North Qeynos is identical to last year, at least I didn’t find any changes. The Loping Plains mansion is similar as well, except there is a secret library! I’m not sure if I missed it last year… but I certainly didn’t see it then! After defeating the main vampire in the basement, the painting at the landing of the stairs unlocks and stairs lead up into a quaint secret library, where you can pick up a vampire L&L book! The vampiric incisors are finally put to good use :). They are used for the illusion to turn yourself into a vampire from the D’Morte questline, but didn’t have any other use that I’m aware of. Now, 20 are needed to complete the new vampire L&L, the rest are auto-updates – vampire’s black heart, vampire’s hypnotic eyes and vampire’s coffin dust. Definitely a nice quest to add to the list of completed quests!

I am typically a bad photographer, but I decided to finally post a screenshot. Here is a picture of Caladwen entering the secret library. Safe travels all!


Haunted Mansion Secret Library


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