Leading A Guild – Pleasure Or Pressure?

Of course, there are two sides to every story. So, some folks will say pleasure and some will lean towards pressure. Personally, I think it could be either depending on several factors. I was made one of the co-leaders of my guild a year ago or so I think, it seems like it has been forever! At that time, I don’t think I was the best choice but I was a fairly decent choice as I used to spend a lot of time in Norrath. As the months have gone by, I haven’t been spending as much time online as I used to. We used to have wonderful guild leaders and guild mates when I first joined the guild but most of them have quit the guild. We still have great guild leaders, but most of them are not on often. I do feel bad for the only person who is on a lot, as he always tells me how difficult it is to single-handedly manage running things. I know that just contributing plat to the guild-hall upkeep is simply not enough. This is where the pressure and guilt weighs on me. I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day! Enough of my rants! I’ll have to decide about whether I can spend more time running guild events or whether it’s time to step down…

On a more cheerful note, I took my wizard and warden to Unrest over the weekend with Rohawn and Kastle. As usual, we had a great time and since this was the wizard’s first time there she ended up unlocking some achievements and even hit level 74. Woot! The warden is not far behind, she is about 80% into level 73. I have been trying to keep them at the same level, but one of them usually ends up slightly ahead of the other :). Not too sure how much time I will have to game this week, but I should definitely be on this weekend. Have a great week and safe travels all!


3 Responses to “Leading A Guild – Pleasure Or Pressure?”

  1. See, whenever I hear “run guild events” is where I start asking questions. How many people in the guild? And why don’t they have the nous to run events for themselves?

    I’ve seen this over and over again, often with intelligent, active people who, the second they end up as members of a guild, suddenly turn into sheep. “Entertain me!” they bleat.

    Am not saying this is the case in your guild, but I have never liked the “Lead us, decide for us, organise for us!” view of guild membership. Not saying that’s how yours is, and I’m not downplaying the dilemma of being a guild leader yet not being online much. But even so.

    Bluntly (from having been there myself) I’d say a short sharp rip is better. If you don’t think you have the time for it right now, see if someone will step up who *does* have the time. Don’t flagellate yourself if you have no choice — and for most of us, RL > games, no matter how fun the game. 😉

  2. “RL > games”
    Very true Ysharros! 🙂

  3. I agree w/ Ysharros! I hate to be the one posting /agree w/ the above statement lol but in this case lol I do agree haha. I have been in your shoes, and Guild Leader on down to officer/raid leader….so I feel your pain 😦 Sorry you’re in such a pickle! /hugs

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