Level 80, Here I Come… Well Sometime Soon!

Hope everyone has had a great week, but the good news is that the weekend is here! Now if only this weekend was a bonus xp weekend. Wishful thinking! I have mainly been on a quest to level my wizard and warden to 80 and trying to level my alt guild some by picking up some writs. Leveling the guild is a little slow since I am the only one in it. The guild is level 27 now, just trying to get to 30 so that I can get a guild hall and mainly the call to guild hall. And of course, the extra bank slots are nice 🙂 . As for adventure levels, half way through 73 but I haven’t spent too much time adventuring. I always get distracted… There is always crafting, shiny hunting and so many other things to do! But then again, all the different things are what keep EQ2 interesting.

Caladwen also tanked Deep Forge twice for PUGs. They both went great, but Deep Forge is an easy zone so you can’t really go too terribly wrong I suppose. I should move on to other zones, but tanking for a PUG is scary unless I have Keocia or Rhamn healing. I’m saving the extra shards for the wizard, since she’s on the same account as Caladwen. She should have enough for tier 1 shard armor at least by the time she hits 80.

I want to try and check out Shard of Love this weekend. I still haven’t been there yet and the chat channels are always talking about the wonderful house items and wings. I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend with lots of gaming. Have an awesome weekend and safe travels all!


3 Responses to “Level 80, Here I Come… Well Sometime Soon!”

  1. GL on 80 and the alt guild grind! Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy Shard of Love if you get the chance to explore it! /hugs

  2. SoL has some nice Pally appearance gear and lots of girly stuff =) I have only been in there a few times so far and have not yet been lucky enough to see the wings drop, but it is on my list of wants! The weekends will be a bit harder for me as I will be raiding in the early morns and then spending the rest of the afternoons/eves with my son, but will have the weeknights and late late nights free. Hope to see you back in game soon and check the Order’s forums, looks like a blast from the past made an appearance. =D

  3. @ Sinnir Thanks! 🙂

    @ Keocia Hope to see you soon Keo!!! I’ve missed you!

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