Heirloom Items FTW!

The weekend flew by so quickly and unfortunately did not leave much time for gaming. It was still a fun weekend though, had a wedding to go to and my friend was hosting a birthday party. But I did manage to take advantage of the bonus xp for a few hours on Sunday night/Monday morning. My wizard and warden are very close to level 73 and I have been working on the Thuuga item quest series and Fens quests. They haven’t worked on the Bonemire quests or Loping Plains quests at all, so I may go back to the old zones for a change…

In an attempt to clear out Caladwen’s brimming bank slots, I came across some old items that my wizard can use and they are tagged heirloom now. There were items I had used in the past (but outlevelled now) and there were also some that I hadn’t transmuted yet (won on rolls, when noone really wanted them). I was really excited to transfer all these items to the shared bank so that they may be put to good use. Woot! I usually transmute things I can’t use, so I was really surprised and glad to find them still sitting in my bank. I guess it pays to be a pack rat sometimes ;).

Who doesn’t love house items? The peacock feather from the Maj’Dul red shiny collection is lovely! I need to find a perfect spot to display it in my messy house. I also worked on a few quests from the new spires live event. The magic mouth and bag of teleportation shards are first on my list of items to buy from the vendor when I have enough tokens. So many wonderful items, so little space! There are more items coming with the Nights of the Dead celebration. EQ2 traders has an awesome preview (as always), which can be found here.

Have a great rest-of-the-week and safe travels all!


2 Responses to “Heirloom Items FTW!”

  1. I had completely forgotten that there was a new red shiney collection up in Maj’Dul. I need to add that to my list of things to be done.

  2. Ewww fistful of metal questline /ugh! hehe

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