Estate Of Unrest And A Peek Into Shards Of Destiny!

We have been planning a trip to Unrest for the longest time, but somehow it kept getting put off due to some reason or the other. Saturday, I got paged and spent almost all day working so that was the end of my gaming plans. But, we did manage to finally go to Unrest this week! Rohawn was kind enough to tank and Keocia was kind enough to heal on her fury alt. I took Caladwen and my warden along. We did split the zone over 2 evenings and as I haven’t been there a whole lot, Rohawn showed me how to work the zone. I think I’ll still be a little lost without guidance though 😉 . This zone is creepy!!! I still love it though and we had a blast! The warden and Keocia each won a piece of set armor – added bonus to the fun.

Also, Sunday night my wizard and warden tagged along for Order of Rime quests with Kitara, Keocia and Triuna. This was an alt group. After Kitara and Triuna decided to head to bed, Keocia and I continued the quests for a while, till about 6 AM or so! The mean brutes in the Crystal Grove (Fens) Kept killing us, cos we were all weak! I always enjoy alt groups, even if there are several deaths. Keeps it interesting and we always laugh over what happened! Thanks for all the awesome groups, guys!

And GU53 is supposed to be live sometime today! Tons of good stuff to look forward to. Here are a few of the things I’m excited about.

– The new heirloom tag that is supposed to be active on several previously no-trade items. This excludes quest items but includes shard armor, so you can make shard armor for alts and trade the pieces using the shared bank! Too bad I transmuted some no-trade mage items that I could have passed on to my wizard. I did see some people complain about this in the chat channels, their main concern being people rolling on all items claiming that their alts can use them.

– Houses are going to have an extra room. Woot! And house item layouts can be saved. Makes it easier to take down all that holiday decor.

– “Chronomagic” – the auto-mentoring system which does not require a mentor target, just need to talk to a ‘timeless chronomage’.

– Shard of Love zone! Apparently there are some lovely house items and fancy wings you can quest for in this zone.

– New red shiny collection! I love everything shiny!

– Teleportation Spires World Event. It’s upto us to activate the destroyed spires! And also more lovely house items as rewards.

Whew… too many to list!

One thing I’m not so excited about is the racial trait changes (Will have to see how this plays out…).

Note: I just covered a few things. You can find the entire Shards Of Destiny Update Notes here.

Happy exploring and safe travels all!


2 Responses to “Estate Of Unrest And A Peek Into Shards Of Destiny!”

  1. Hey Caladwen,

    yes so far the update is nice, i finally found my additional room in my house, i had put up new walls to cover the bland brick, but after searcjhing for 30 minutes i found it in the basement…lol

    Chronomagic – Havent had the chance to try it yet.

    Shard of Love – AWESOME is what i have to say, i just wrote 2 post on it over at my site, we had a grp of 4 last night and Man wait till you see it and do the quest.

    New red shiny collection- Hmmm didnt know about this, but in Shard of Love there are 4 new shinies collections in there.

    Teleportation Spires – Havent actuly done any of the quest for it but i have seen the construction in Everfrost and have taken advantage of having a member of my group having teleports, and instead of having all separte ports they are now 2 – group/raid & Solo once opened and clicked gives you the option on where to go like in your guild Hall.

    Racial traits i screwed up on mine lost a couple of thing but no biggie i will fix later.

    Good chatting with ya stop by my site when you get a chance, warning though it is a spoiler alert.



  2. Cal! I miss you! Haven’t seen you in what feels like forever! I should have much more free time during the weeknights now .. I hope we can get back to working the Rime Faction and exploring soon. *big hugs*

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