Hot Zones Coming Soon!

Apparently, hot zones are going to be active on the US servers on September 5th. The hot zone is going to be a different zone every single day with a supposedly higher chance to drop fabled items. I was wondering what on earth a hot zone was when I saw it on my welcome screen. Of course, it was set to none when I saw it as it’s not active yet. This is live on the European servers, not too sure how the drop rates are on those servers as I haven’t come across any posts so far. Sounds like an interesting addition and hope everyone gets the rare loot they have always wanted!

Have an awesome weekend and safe travels all!


One Response to “Hot Zones Coming Soon!”

  1. hello 🙂 we went into Crucible recently as the hot zone, and we got 2 exquisite chests (1 proper exquisite – dirge master and the other the more common exquisite chest the final named drops (healer symbol)) was pleased with that!

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