What’s In A Title?

It’s all about the titles! One of the things that I love about EQ2 is the various prefix and suffix titles that can be obtained. The only bad thing about having too many choices is not knowing which ones to pick at any given time. Since they can be changed, it can suit the mood I suppose. When I first started playing, I really wanted to be ‘Lady’ Caladwen, ‘Paragon of Truth’ (Which reminds me… I really need to go back and finish up those Court of Truth quests someday!). Back then I was lacking status points required to purchase the prefix title and so worked on a lot of writs and HQs and when I had enough status points, I wasn’t sure which title I wanted! Is it going to be ‘Lady’, ‘Baroness’, ‘Countess’ or ‘Duchess’? Hmm… tough choice there. Those are the prefix titles I’m still debating on anyway. I know, I know… they can be changed, but for some odd reason I want to stick with one prefix title. It’s fun to change the suffix title around though. Some of my favorite suffix titles are ‘Hero of Kugup’ (I actually have this title, after completing the quest Marr’s Chosen. Woohoo!), ‘The Treasure Hunter’ (This is obtained after completing 5 HQs and talking to your neighborhood sage) and ‘Paragon of Truth’.

At least I’m not as crazy as one of my in-game friends who betrays every now and then to grind writs from other cities just for the titles that can be obtained with the various factions ๐Ÿ™‚ . Whew… that must be a lot of work! What are your favorite titles?


8 Responses to “What’s In A Title?”

  1. you’re gonna laugh at me, not that this is anything new ๐Ÿ˜› but I like “the romantic”! Something about having to run around giving out all those darn flowers to complete strangers just to get a title haha! Sure yea I know 100 people but um getting them online at the same time, yea I was looking for every tom, dick and harry to hand a flower to!

  2. Oh yeah – forgot that one! I pretended like I was just standing around while handing out roses to strangers hoping they wouldn’t notice heh

  3. I typically don’t use titles myself. I’m not a big fan of them, but I also keep PC names turned off so it doesn’t much matter.

    My favorites that I have seen are “The Jade Tiger” and “Hero of Drednever.”

    I have several available to me that I like, but I still don’t use them. Among those are “The Voice” and one that if I remember correctly is “The Unseen Hand.”

    I have to admit, however, that I am currently sporting a title. I’ll leave it up for a while, but it will eventually come down and I’ll be back to being just Raolien (don’t use last names either. I like being unique).

    For the time being, I am Raolien, The Snow Bunny Avenger.

  4. LOL i like Master Alchemist Chubbylilbuddy Darklotus of Ayonae Ro and

    i also like The Exectionier ‘Chubbylilbuddy Darklotus of Ayonae Ro

    i have a few others but havent been messing with them lately, i do have 3 million status points that i could spend to obtain more i guess…lol


  5. My most prized title of any game I recieved, was in Warhammer Online. It was “The Drunkard”

    That really fits me to a tee.

  6. @ rao & Chubby – Those are good ones too!!! I knew I was forgetting some

    @ theerivs – They need to introduce that one in EQ2! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. “The Treasure Hunterโ€™ (This is obtained after completing 5 HQs and talking to your neighborhood sage)”

    Whoa, really? Fairuza’s definitely done at least 5. I need to check this out.

    I’m the opposite of you for the most part: I change my prefix titles every now and then, but the suffix ones are fixed for me atm. Especially since I have some early Gate-Builder and Sky-Seeker ones that are so old, they’re new and interesting again ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. @ Ysharros – You also get ‘The Lore Seeker’ on completing 10 HQs, ‘The Relic Keeper’ after 20 and ‘The Artifact Raider’ after 30 ๐Ÿ™‚

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