“Hang With Me In My MMO”

Hope everyone had a good weekend 🙂 . I had a quiet weekend for a change and did log onto EQ2 Friday night. Keocia, Rohawn and Talduke were on so I asked if they wanted to head to Mistmyr Manor. Having never ventured into this zone before, I figured it would be fun to explore a new zone, get some AA and also get the update for “The White Dragonscale Cloak” HQ. Keocia got a couple of her guildmates to come along and we headed to Evernight Abbey first. Talduke got busy but did join us for Mistmyr Manor. The group consisted of 3 paladins 😉 . We didn’t have too much trouble clearing the zone. Mistmyr Manor was slightly tougher but we still completed the zone. Only one more update to go to complete the HQ.

Both zones were fun to explore. And lots of quests to be completed with legendary rewards. Lord Thex in Evernight Abbey was an interesting encounter with picking up the abilities and watching out for the sun. This was my favorite encounter out of both the zones.

More than anything, it was definitely great to catch up with friends as I hadn’t seen them in a while. I miss them for sure and look forward to more fun times when I’m able to log on more often. And now, about the title of the post – check out this video. It’s awesome! Have a good week ahead and safe travels all!


One Response to ““Hang With Me In My MMO””

  1. Grats on your updates!

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