Tinkerfest Goodies!

I know that this is a late post about Tinkerfest, but amidst all the RL madness I did get to participate in the festivities. Woot! It was crazy the day the event went live. My poor toes got stepped on several times. The least crowded I discovered was Temple Street compared to Baubbleshire and Steamfont Mountains. Maybe people didn’t want to sort through the grime to pick up the cogs and shinies 🙂 . Everytime I was camping, a cog would pop up right next to me and I just had to pick it up. Those evil gnomes!

I love these live events. They make the game more enjoyable. Wish I wasn’t such a pack rat though… It might be time to rent some storage in Qeynos 😉 . Can’t wait for Frostfell!

Now for some old but exciting news. All those old mounts that you don’t use anymore can be turned into house items! Even the carpet mount from Maj’Dul. How awesome is that! Safe travels and happy decorating all!


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