Happy Friday!

Hope everyone had a wonderful week! The weekend is here! Woot! I haven’t been upto anything too exciting in EQ2 other than a Shard of Fear run. Rohawn, Amonost and Caladwen took down most of the trash mobs and nameds. The next day Galya joined us for the epics. No choker this time! Looks like Sinnir’s marinade idea did not work for me! 🙂 But we had lots of fun! So, no complaints at all!

I also did manage to squeeze in some gaming during the bonus xp time. My wizard and warden are both at level 68 now and I started the Kylong Plains quests. They both have about 90 AA points or so each, so I’ve been debating on whether to take them back to Loping Plains and Bonemire and then come back to Kylong Plains… I’m still deciding!

Have a wonderful weekend and safe travels all!


One Response to “Happy Friday!”

  1. HAHA I blame Tarsir! Keep at it, it’ll drop! /hugs

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