Castle Mistmoore Finally!

After over a year, we decided to finish working on the Swords of Destiny timeline over the weekend. Yay! I have never really explored Castle Mistmoore much and got a whole AA. There were 5 of us and we got through the zone fairly easily. Of course, it’s easier at 80 than at 70 😉 . The group consisted of Caladwen – 80 paladin, Rohawn – 80 paladin, Keocia – 80 templar, Khirsah – 80 coercer and Kastle – 80 SK (ickk… he betrayed – temporarily he said). Keocia and Khirsah just came along to help us, thanks guys!

Wonder why all the vampires appear to be “named” but most are not really named… heh
I have to say that Keocia did a wonderful job tanking, she pulled rooms at a time! And she called it exciting! She makes a good battlepriest indeed 😉 . Now we just need to kill Mayong Mistmoore to get the fabled Soulfire weapons!

One of my guildmates, Morganaray wanted to make a quick Deep Forge run. It ended up being a quick and fun run. I had to warn Morganaray to quit sending me outrageous tells right before I pull the nameds though 😛 . She is funny!

I also went to Unrest with Rohawn. We took a couple of nameds down (in between making dinner). And Bugaboo went down as well with Keocia’s help. Woot! I love these groups with Rohawn, they are always so much fun! Hopefully, we go back to Unrest sometime. I haven’t been there much at all, only twice before this trip. The first time it was just to kill a mob for the diety cloak (Cloak of Valor) and the second time I went with some guildmates a while back and we cleared the entire zone. I was so excited to receive Garanel’s Scorched Skull in the mail! It’s a glowing skull house item that you receive in the mail after the first time you clear the zone.

Also, Rool has been on more often, which is great news! Have a great week ahead and safe travels all!


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