A Night Of Fun!

Tuesday night turned out to be lots of fun and was relaxing as well. I grouped up with Rohawn and I requested threatened Amonost to run around with us for a while 🙂 . After all, he was already logged on checking out the new shadow system (part of GU52) which uses the graphic card instead of stressing out the CPU. Traitor has been off playing Lord of The Rings Online lately.

We decided to work on the HQ ‘The Book of Thex’. So it was off to Befallen: Cavern of the Afflicted to pick up the quest starter and collect some pages. The ten pages in the zone respawn after all of them have been collected, so we took turns collecting all the pages. After this part, we had to go talk to a few people in different zones and this also involved a few trips to the Moors to find a scholar in his secret room. His secret room is definitely well-hidden by the boulder than needs to be pushed aside! The next part involves going to all three Befallen instances in the Commonlands, but it was already time for me to get ready for work. Hopefully, we’ll get to work on this quest again sometime this week/weekend. It has definitely been entertaining so far.

Have a great Wednesday and safe travels all!


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