Guild Trophy Spree!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a great Father’s Day! Seems like I went on a guild trophy spree this weekend 🙂 . One of my in-game friends, Kastle wanted to kill the Godking for quest updates and get the trophy for his guild hall. It has been such a long time since I’ve been to The Fountain of Life that I had almost forgotten how to get there. I went from Sinking Sands to the Silent City with no issues and after running around a little bit in the Silent City, finally reached The Fountain of Life.I’m glad that they removed the access quest to get to the inner temple, which required farming eyes from epics and I’ve heard that this took several hours (never did it myself, I’ve had this quest in my journal for about 2 years heh). Also, if you entered the Fountain of Life once and used the eyes, the whole process would need to be repeated in order to gain access to the inner temple again! Sounds crazy, now that they removed the access quest. We went in with 5 people – Kastle – 80 paladin, Caladwen – 80 paladin, Keocia – 80 templar, Papove – 80 coercer and Socia – 78 warlock. The zone was all grey and after a few rounds of killing some of the nameds, we killed Godking Anuk. And Kastle now has the trophy for his guild hall! Woot! We do mean to go back and kill him again sometime to get a trophy for our guild, Order of Marr.

Sunday night, a few guildmates wanted to go kill Darathar. So off we went to the Oracle Tower in Antonica. This zone was grey again, as we were mostly level 80. Our little group consisted of Caladwen – 80 paladin, Taleise – 80 inquisitor, Rhamn – Papove’s 80 warden and Darach – 72 warden. Three and a half healers! But we got him on the first pull, great job all 🙂 . Also, we have the trophy displayed in our guild hall now! It’s a good thing that these trophies drop off grey mobs. I didn’t know this till I read Stargrace’s post a couple of months ago!

Have a great week and safe travels all!


One Response to “Guild Trophy Spree!”

  1. Grats on your trophies! YAY 🙂

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