The Bookbinder!

My sage/wizard now has a new suffix title, that’s right – “The Bookbinder”! The first quest I did once the new update went live was “In A Bind”. It’s the quest that gives you the recipes to craft the new player-made books. It starts in the Village of Shin and is given out by Meledi Augren. All sages 50 + can get this quest and you need to have completed at least one of the quests offered at the docks to have good standing with the village folk. Meledi sends you off to your home tradeskill society to find the master sage, the master sage then sends you to the Tower of Moon in Maj’Dul to find a bookbinder. The bookbinder gives you the recipe book, this contains the recipes for all the books. Meledi wants a stonehide notebook, so once you craft it go back to her and you are done!

The books from the different tiers are unique and these are definitely a very nice addition to the usual books we have. Go see your local sage today and get some made!

The weekend is almost here. Woot! Safe travels all!


2 Responses to “The Bookbinder!”

  1. nice title! I can’t wait to see these new books, I think they are going to be so useful 🙂 hmm shall I level a sage…. ?

  2. Caladwen Says:

    hehe sages are not too hard to level as they get lots of recipes! 🙂

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