Ooooh, Shiny!

I figured it was time to dust off my wizard’s robes and play her again. So, I took my wizard and warden to the Barren Sky for some questing. And they died quite a few times… just because I wanted every shiny in sight! /shakes fist at all the shinies

I don’t know what it is about these shinies, but I have to pick up every one I see. They are definitely one of my favorite things in EQ2, yes I am such a shiny addict! In between collecting shinies, I managed to get a few quests done and started ‘Blood of the Brood’ for the class hat. They both went from level 64 to 66. I’m still deciding on what timeline to work on next. They haven’t quested in Loping Plains or Bonemire yet. And then there’s also Qeynos Claymore and Swords of Destiny… Too many choices! I did have combat xp turned off for the longest time though, so they both have 80 + AA points which is not too bad for level 66 I suppose.

Also, my wizard is a level 80 sage now! That’s my 4th level 80 crafter. I only have one level 80 adventurer so far though 🙂 . I have to work on the tradeskill epic sometime soon on the sage, but figured I’d wait till she has enough faction with Bathezid’s Watch by adventuring since she’s not too far behind on adventure levels.

‘Monument and Might’ is supposed to be out today (Tuesday morning) I think. There is a lot to look forward to. Research assistants, player-written books, improved hex dolls and some new furniture – to mention just a few! Have fun exploring and safe travels all!


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