Slayer Of Vampires!

Rohawn and I were vampire slayers with a mission this weekend and we finally have the vampire master strike and the vampire illusion. Woot! This was the first time that I worked on this questline and I definitely enjoyed it. I do have 2 accounts, so I took my coercer along for mentoring purposes and she gained quite a few levels. She gained about 10 levels (35 to 45) from this series of quests. The good-aligned and evil-aligned quests are slightly different but the updates are usually close to each other and we were able to complete them at the same time. Only the last quest in the series required going to different instances for the good and evil. One of the quest rewards is a nice robe (appearance only of course for higher levels). The good-aligned robe is white and the evil-aligned robe is purplish. This was lots of fun and lots of AA as a bonus too!

I also took my guildmate Fadzo to the Chamber of Immortality and she is now proudly sporting her Flowing Robe of Immortality. I’m glad we were able to get this for her before she out-leveled it!

As for other good news, my favorite wizard of Norrath Rool made an appearance on Friday for a little while. He did promise that he would be on more often and I hope that he does clean up his dusty robes and hurry back soon as we all miss him!

Have a great week ahead and safe travels all!


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