Varsoon The Undying Dies Again!

I haven’t had much to report this week, as work has been keeping me busy for the most part! I did take an alt to kill Varsoon the Undying in the Chamber of Immortality. I love killing this guy 🙂 . He happened to drop the Flowing Robe of Immortality. It’s not the best robe out there, but it’s a decent upgrade for lower level mages. I have no use for the robe, so I invited one of my guildmates to come loot it. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise that she hadn’t been there before and had trouble getting there. Poor Fadzo! Too bad she couldn’t get there on time! I’ll just have to take her back to kill him again before she out-levels the robe.

The raid alliance went to Tomb of the Mad Crusader last night, so I went along. The raid went smoothly till Thet-em-aua. We pulled the snake a couple of times, but couldn’t kill him. We had a lot of new folks come along this time, so it was a good learning experience. I’m sure we’ll get him next time! Overall, it was fun!

Safe travels all!


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