Lots And Lots Of Questing!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I had an awesome weekend and spent quite a bit of time gaming. I mostly ran around with Keocia and Rohawn finishing up various quests and more than anything, had tons of fun!

On Friday, I took my level 64 wizard to Crushbone Keep with Keocia and her friend, whom we helped level. We pulled entire rooms at once and I attempted to be a mage tank for a bit till we got a real tank, which kept poor Keocia healing like crazy 🙂 . That evening, Keocia, Rohawn and Caladwen completed “A Thread Of Hope”. Woot! I’m going to miss the Deep Forge farming nights now that we are all done with it 😉 . Special thanks to Khirsah for helping us complete it. Time to find something else to do! We also trio’d our way through Nu’roga and got the first named down. It was about 4 AM by then, so we decided to call it a night/morning.

On Saturday, I mostly worked on getting my faction up with Guktan Guard in order to complete “The White Dragonscale Cloak” HQ and also went on a Maidens run with some folks to help with the necromancer epic. Sunday was a good time as well! Rohawn and I worked on some Bloodline Chronicles quests and I took my coercer along (yes, another alt…). Hopefully we can finish up that questline sometime soon and have the vampire strike and illusion as well!

Have a great week and safe travels all!


2 Responses to “Lots And Lots Of Questing!”

  1. How did you raid your Guktan Guard faction? My current ‘main’ isn’t a crafter and running the repeatables is going to take ages 😦

    • Caladwen Says:

      Darwa, did you finish the quest given by Urp Brightblade (If I remember right, he’s close to the balloon) and the series from Tiptup Strongheart (He sends you to find 4 spirits and help them out which also improves faction)… Only the termite series of quests require that you be a level 50 crafter and you need to have completed the ‘Ship Out’ crafter-oriented quest (That’s an easy 20 K faction for crafters only, so you might have to do a few repeatables… 😦 ). You can find all the quests on this link under ‘Tupta’.
      If you have any other questions, do let me know and good luck!

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