It’s All About The Faction

I started working on the Ironforge faction a long time ago mainly because I wanted to make the mannequins. The recipe requires 30K faction and after tons of writs, I finally had 30K. Of course, I wasn’t content with this and wanted to make the achievement mirrors (and the new guild trophy pedestals) that require 40K faction 🙂 . So I picked up the faction grind again yesterday on my level 77 tailor and gained a couple of levels. She is level 79 now! I ended with 34,800 faction or so. I’m hoping to get to level 80 and 40K faction by next week. I think the rush orders used to award 150 faction per writ (I don’t remember exactly, this was a while back!), but they award 300 now. Woot! Also if you are looking for another way to gain faction with your tradeskill society, I’d suggest the “Grandmaster Series” of quests. They are quite a refreshing break from grinding writs. The quest rewards include an advanced book of the appropriate tier, a couple of nice cloaks, purple formal wear and tradeskill experience.

Now for some good news – we finally got enough ore to make all the armor for the HQ “A Thread Of Hope”. I went to Deep Forge with Rohawn and Keocia yesterday and we are all caught up now! /Happy Dance

Next step is to plan a trip to Najena’s Hollow Tower, hopefully this weekend if everyone is on at the same time. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and safe travels!


One Response to “It’s All About The Faction”

  1. WOW I did not know about the Grandmaster Series! Hmm will have to check that out! Ty for that bit of info! Grats on your HQ updates and GL on your journey into NHT! Hope you have a safe and wonderful weekend! /hugs

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